Bayou 'Yakin


Posted this on Facebook a while back, but figured I’d share it here for anyone interested! Advertisements

This video has been out for a few weeks now, but I figured I’d still post it. This is another follow-up post to Jackson Kayak in Louisiana, one of the last couple of posts. I’ve been very impressed with this kayak, the Cuda HD. Coming from using a Cuda 14, it isn’t quite as fast as the 14, but the HD has a lot going for it and had I not already… Read More

Well… It has been a while since I last posted a trip report, but I figure it’s about time. This one is from a couple of weeks back… Karl and I loaded up the truck the morning of. Neither of us had been to the marsh yet in 2017, and it was January 28th. Our last trip (another forgotten post) had been about a month prior. We knew the weather wouldn’t be… Read More

Here’s the follow-up post to my last post back in early December (sorry it’s been that long). Here is one of the videos JK Media House has released with footage from their time visiting in Louisiana. We had a great time out in the marsh and I enjoyed getting to show the guys some of our stomping grounds. I’ll try to have more posts up soon. I haven’t been fishing very much… Read More

A few months ago I got word that Jameson Redding and Brooks Beatty, Jackson Kayak Factory Team Members and the main guys behind JK Media House, where gonna be headed down to Louisiana. If you haven’t seen their videos, definitely check them out! They were going to be coming down to film the new Cuda HDs in the marsh and catching redfish out of them. Pack & Paddle offered to host them… Read More