Bayou 'Yakin



Video to follow… After we wrapped up fishing with the JK crew down in PAC, I was just waiting for another chance to get out. I’m trying to make as much time as possible, since after our little girl is born (in a few weeks), I’ll be out-of-commission for a little while. The moment came when Noel & Kip from the Redbone Fishing Club proposed a morning trip to Pointe Aux Chenes,… Read More

Last November Jameson Redding and Brooks Beatty – collectively known as JK Media House – came down to Louisiana to do some filming. they spent part of their trip in Grand Isle, and the other part of it at PAC Kayak Rentals in Point Aux Chene. They fell in love with the state, but especially the hospitality and kayak-friendliness of Eddie and Lisa Mullen’s operation in PAC. They got together with the… Read More

Back in early October I met up with Trey and Keith (both of whom have been mentioned here before) and Taylor (who hasn’t appeared here before). Trey moved down to Des Allemands earlier in the year, so we went to an area that he’d been trying to fish a little more frequently. The area is similar to Pointe Aux Chenes in the aspect of submerged vegetation, lots of open water areas with… Read More

I recently got a chance to use one of the new Coosa FDs from Jackson. If you’re unfamiliar, the FD (short for Flex-Drive) is Jackson Kayak’s first pedal model. This video is not a review video. It was just meant to be a quick way to show the boat’s stability and hands-free mobility.