Bayou 'Yakin


Ok, so I didn’t post a part 3. That day was kind of a dud. I had one fish for around four pounds. Moving on… I headed south from PAC Kayak Rentals, staying along the edge of the main canal until I started nearing some marsh near the pipeline intersections. I threw a Spook Jr. for about 10-15 minutes around that area, with a Bugg worked in along the bank here and… Read More

Man… Shallow Water Expeditions makes some awesome videos! This is an older one, and I may have even posted it before, but it doesn’t hurt to post it again. So good!

I’ve been following Scott Myers for a few months now. He’s the author behind I really dig the layout of his site, and he’s a professional photographer, so that bleeds over onto the blog as well. He’s got a great article on sight-fishing, and his trip reports have a rundown on the conditions, and the tackle he used. I’ve done something similar, but I’ve been inconsistent providing that information. I’ll try… Read More

I’ve become lazy as far as being an angler goes. I was thinking about it the other day… When I first got into kayak fishing back a few years ago, any opportunity I had to be on the water, I took it. It was to a fault. Tracey couldn’t get me to do anything because I was always fishing. It was literally every weekend with Karl and Andrew going down to PAC…. Read More

I’m having a hard time comprehending that we’re already almost half-way done with 2017. It’s crazy to me how quickly it’s going by. I hear that as you get older the years go by quicker, and that definitely seems to be the case. So as stated in the last “preview” post, I hadn’t visited a particular area of Cocodrie since some time on the fall (maybe?) of last year. It’s an area… Read More