Bayou 'Yakin


It’s been a while since I visited this particular area of Cocodrie. Maybe six months or so… But I headed down and met up with Max and his brother, Jesse, and wasn’t disappointed… I’ll post the full report and pictures from the trip soon enough. Advertisements

Remember back in November when Jameson and Brooks from JK Media House came down to do some filming? Well, the full video was just released and it is awesome!

I’ve been on a bass fishing kick lately. I enjoyed seeing Iaconelli’s new show, Going Ike. In the first episode of this new series, he fishes with Louisiana native and Elite Series pro, Cliff Crochet. This is one of the better fishing shows I’ve seen in awhile. Entertaining as well as informational to an inshore dude trying to bass fish, haha!

For a lot of kayak anglers in South Louisiana, tournament fishing is a big deal. We’re a competitive bunch. Maybe some not quite as much as others, but we like putting ourselves to the test. When I was first getting started with kayak fishing, tournaments were something I wanted to do, but I was a little intimidated and didn’t want to fail miserably. Now I know. It is competitive to a degree,… Read More

Well, my first club tournament of the year came and went. It was Redbone’s Cinq Petite Rouges tournament in Cocodrie. It’s a reversed weight format. Lightest weight of five reds would win. Nobody had a problem catching reds, the problems were the size of the reds being caught. Long story short, I couldn’t catch a tournament-legal fish. All of mine were either too big or too small. Randy Robicheaux won the event… Read More