Bayou 'Yakin


Well, for a while the talk was about the long winter we had. I still hear people talking about how everything is a month late in the patterns due to the long and intense (for Louisiana) winter we had. But now, it’s summer. And it’s here in full force. We’re reaching the mid ninety degrees marks by mid-day, with the heat index near 105! It’s important to be prepared for the sometimes… Read More

A few pictures from my July 4th morning… … ‘Murica!

We all have them, I hope… Days on the water where, for some reason, things just don’t work out. I had one of those days yesterday. A buddy and I headed out at 5 am. The sun was up when we launched at our location. It was an area we’ve both fished before and we know it pretty well. Soon after we put in, another two kayak anglers showed up and where… Read More

Video from last weekend in Pointe Aux Chenes…

Andrew and I had decided that after PAC Attack, we were going to take a weekend off. Then, stick to some freshwater areas for a change-up. We decided to head to Flat Lake, just north of Morgan City, to fish for bream and bass. But Flat Lake is notorious during the late summer for being overrun with lilies and hyacinth on the north-end. The only way through are paths that the bass… Read More