Bayou 'Yakin


Time to recap 2014, and while it doesn’t seem very eventful when I think back, I know that significant events happened. This will be brief, and mostly photos: January: The year started off with a quick trip that Karl and I made to Isle De Jean Charles. It was cold and I was sick with stomach issues. But these two fish still made the day better. February: Again, at Isle De Jean… Read More

I’ve always loved living on the Gulf Coast. Our summers are hot, but there’s always a beach or waterway nearby to help beat the heat. Our Springs provide great scenery in the swamps and fields as flowers begin to bring new life and wildlife are back in full force! Autumn brings a crisp, cool relief to the summer heat, along with football, tailgating, and bonfires. And our winters are usually quite mild… Read More

As the year starts drawing to a close, we’re just trying to find time to get out to the marshes in this busy season. Between holidays, birthdays, parties, and work, finding time to fish has almost been impossible at times. In fact, the last time that I targeted redfish was before Halloween. But the stars (and schedules) aligned on Wednesday! A day off from work and an invitation from some friends put… Read More

As it tends to be this time of year, it’s been busy. I have squeezed some fishing in but not very much. I’ve had some photos waiting to be posted for a little while, and now seems like a good time to do a quick recap in pictures. Over the summer I took my sister, Anna, kayaking for the first time. We went to Stephensville, which is just north of Morgan City… Read More

It’s been a little while since the last fishing trip. It was actually the trip Scott and I guided for Pack & Paddle. So a trip was, I felt, overdue. A lot of people that I talk kayak fishing with frequent the Lake Charles area, in the western most part of our state. Prien Lake, Big Lake, and West Cove are all areas that I’ve heard friends talk about but I’ve never… Read More