Bayou 'Yakin


This go-round was in the kayak on Thursday morning. 4″ Stanley Ribbit frog was the lure of choice. Didn’t catch a lot of fish, but didn’t come back skunked either, so I’m not really complaining. Here’s some pictures: Advertisements

I mentioned in the previous post about how I borrowed the demo Ride 135 to test it out for myself. I did get a chance to do this on Tuesday afternoon. There are a few ponds that I used to hit frequently from the bank a few years ago. I decided to head out there to test out the Ride and to try to catch a few fish. I got out around… Read More

My plan for this past weekend was to take out the Ride 135 and give it a nice test run. I’ve been taking out some of the demo boats that we sell to learn first-hand how they handle and everything. But after church on Sunday morning, Karl and I were invited to go with a friend in his Skeeter. We met up around 4:30 in the afternoon to do some evening bass… Read More

Well, for a while the talk was about the long winter we had. I still hear people talking about how everything is a month late in the patterns due to the long and intense (for Louisiana) winter we had. But now, it’s summer. And it’s here in full force. We’re reaching the mid ninety degrees marks by mid-day, with the heat index near 105! It’s important to be prepared for the sometimes… Read More

A few pictures from my July 4th morning… … ‘Murica!