Bayou 'Yakin


The fishing has been a little bit tougher as of late. Even when compared to this time last year! Most days that I’ve been out have resulted in one or two redfish, though I’ve seen quite a few more. Without too many details to share, I’ll just do another photo recap!   More fishing to come soon, and a new video. Advertisements

… not literally, but close… I’ve worn glasses for almost as long as I can remember, since I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. I’ll start there. I’ll also say that I hate sandflies. Ok, on to the report. Karl and I had the opportunity to fish together again. It’s not an opportunity that we often get. We decided to change it up a little bit and hit up an area… Read More

Earlier this week, Karl and I decided to check out a new area. I’ve launched in the area only once before, Karl had never launched there previously. It was sunny and the water was looking quite nice near the launch.  As we started fishing and getting further out, the water just kept getting muddier. That wasn’t hindering the bait action though! There were mullet and minnows running all over the place, and shrimp… Read More

It’s been about a month since the last time I was able to head down to the marshy areas that I like to stalk redfish, so, I figured it was past time to get back down there. I watched the weather predictions for a few days. Most days in the Louisiana summers start bright and sunny in the morning, but then right after lunchtime the heat spawns heavy showers that scatter over… Read More

This go-round was in the kayak on Thursday morning. 4″ Stanley Ribbit frog was the lure of choice. Didn’t catch a lot of fish, but didn’t come back skunked either, so I’m not really complaining. Here’s some pictures: