Bayou 'Yakin


Following my Grand Isle trout trip was an immediate return to the marshes in Point Aux Chenes to help guide a trip with Pack & Paddle. The shop schedules fishing trips on two weekends each month. Usually, one trip launches at PAC Kayak Marina, while the other is mothershipped out into the marsh for some “unpressured” fishing. Through a series of confusion, and a broken water pump, both groups ended up needing… Read More

If you keep up with these posts you know that I don’t normally make trout-specific trips. Trout usually qualify as a secondary species on my target list. If I had said that I was heading to Grand Isle the week of Ride The Bull 9 (the world’s largest kayak fishing rodeo, which takes place on the island) to target trout, I would have been lying. In fact, I was hoping for my… Read More

I made another trip down to PAC recently, taking a similar route as the week before. There wasn’t much of a tide-range this go round, but I was still able to pick up a handful of specks, ladyfish again… and of course, redfish are all over the marsh.

… But it didn’t slow the fish down too much. It had been a while since the last time I visited Eddie & Lisa at PAC Kayak Rentals, so I headed down there with Mark on Tuesday. I wanted to get reacquainted with these oh-so familiar waters. The nice thing about a trip to PAC Kayak Rentals is that I don’t feel that I need to be secretive about anywhere over there,… Read More

I’m about a week late, but that’s ok. It’s still better than I have been about updating the ole’ blog. So, as I posted earlier the prior week, Karl & I were looking forward to fishing this year’s LA 1 Slamboree (put on by the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club). And while we both got to fish it, the day did not go as planned. We knew we’d be dealing with a rough… Read More