I’m absolutely into my thirties now. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m still young. But I’ve noticed I do grunt a little more here and there, and I don’t have the energy that I had just a few years ago. But I know there’s someone out there that would read that and go, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” or “Thirty-one? You’re still a kid”. I know, I know…

Anyway, to celebrate thirty-one years of existence on Earth, I called up Karl and asked if he wanted to head down to the marsh. He was happy to join me, so we made a plan for Friday morning.

Upon arriving at the launch site on Friday, we were met with wind, wind, and wind. The water levels were about average (and tide rising slowly), and water quality was less-than-stellar. It wasn’t “chocolate milk” muddy, but it wasn’t as clean as I’ve seen it before. We, of course, still made a go at it.

It didn’t take long for Karl to get hooked up first. He was throwing a Whopper Plopper over a grass line on a wind-protected bank.



With tons of shrimp jumping out of the water, I decided to change up lures to a Z-man shrimp. It took a while for me to find a fish that would bite it, but I did. It was late morning by that point, and I had found the cleanest water of the day over a large grass flat. After spooking a few fish, I decided to sit and blindcast the shrimp. I’d anchor down and fish for about 10 minutes, then drift to a different location and repeat.





When I met back up with Karl, I found out he’d had some success throwing a Ginger Avenger Inline Spinnerbait. Ready to change it up, but lacking the lure (I’ve got a few packs of Ginger Avengers sitting on my desk at home), I tied on a traditional redfish spinnerbait. First cast with it came back with a little red!



By now it was noon and we knew we needed to head in before the temperature became more unbearable.

Later that afternoon I took River to fish the ditch behind our house. We’ve been picking off bream but we’ll occasionally see a small bass but haven’t gotten them to bite. But last night I spotted one and he bit the lure twice without getting hooked but on the third time… well, I’ve never been so happy to catch a 10″ bass. Sorry, no pics on that one!

Gear Rundown


  • Jackson Kayak Cruise FD (Eli)
  • Jackson Kayak Big Rig (Karl)
  • Werner Paddles (Cyprus Hooked & Tybee Hooked)


  • Ginger Avenger Weedless Inline Spinnerbait (Karl)
  • Z-Man Rigged EZ Shrimpz – Greasy Prawn (Eli)
  • H&H Redfish Spinnerbait w/ Vortex Shad (Eli)
  • Rivers2Sea Whopper Plopper 90 (Karl)

My Rod/Reel Combos

  • 13 Fishing Omen Green 6’8″ Medium – Fast (Casting) / 13 Fishing Concept TX 6.6:1
  • 13 Fishing Omen Green 7′ Medium – Fast (Spinning) / Shimano Nasci 2500
  • St. Croix Premier 7’ Medium Fast (Spinning) / Shimano Stradic 2500
  • St. Croix TideMaster 6’6″ Medium-Heavy Fast (Casting) / 13 Fishing Concept C

Fishing Line

  • FINS Windtamer 20 lb.
  • FINS 40G 25 lb.
  • Gamma Fluorocarbon Leader 16 lb. (when needed)

WAFB: Louisiana Weekend Spotlight

Butch Ridgedell and myself guided one of Pack & Paddle’s fishing trip out of PAC Kayak Rentals a few weeks back. Some of our clients were from WAFB in Baton Rouge and were working on a story for their Louisiana Weekend site. You can read the full article here.

Playing Catch-Up

The fishing has been kind of slow on my end. Not saying that the fish hadn’t been biting, but that my trips to the Houma marshes have been a bit “few and far between”. Not too long after the Redbone tournament, I returned to PAC to do some scouting but didn’t do too well. Only catching one red and not seeing much else.

A few weeks later I headed to my honey-hole in Cocodrie but only found muddish water and wind. I did manage two redfish but that was it.

Lone PAC Redfish ate a new “Click-bait Shrimp” by Buggs Lures.
IMG_1582 2
Classic combo doin’ the job in Cocodrie.

At the beginning of June I helped guide a trip for Pack & Paddle with Butch Ridgedell, a friend of ours at P&P and a Hobie Team Member. We led a pretty relaxed crew which included Chris Holmes from Louisiana Sportsman, and a small crew from WAFB who were gathering footage for a story they’ll be doing.

We had high hopes, and most people caught fish, but those few were mostly small and throwbacks. Though Butch and I both tried to get the guys to throw top-waters, they mostly threw popping corks and soaked market bait. Not my preferred style, but hey, they caught fish!

Ready to head to PAC!
Customers get their kayaks set up. P&P provides kayaks for guided trips as well as rod & reel combos.


More of my time, however, has been spent with my buddy. We’ve been hitting up the local ditches and bank spots. We’ve been “tearing up” the bream.

IMG_1456IMG_1457IMG_1503IMG_1508IMG_2311IMG_3179 2

For now, at least, that’s where we’re at. I’m hoping to make another trip to PAC later this week, so we’ll see. Good luck!


120 Days

Another one that I’m not sure that I’ve already posted, but even if I did it’s too good not to share again. Note – there is some NSFW language in this one.

SWE: Foggy Bayou

Not a new video, but one that I don’t think I’ve shared yet. Another one from some of my favorite fishing filmmakers, David Mangum at Shallow Water Expeditions.

PS – I’ll have new posts coming soon…