LA-1 Slamma-Jamma

It’s that time of year again.

I’m not a hardcore tournament angler. I’ve never claimed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them. The anticipation, the challenge, the competition, the camaraderie… I enjoy all of it. I enjoy keeping up with tournaments too. I’m often keeping up with the Bassmaster Elites, the FLW, and many of our local tourneys. But I’m not the type of person who has to fish every tournament that gets put on. Side note: I do have kids, so maybe one day, haha!

I say that because there aren’t many tournaments that I get to fish consecutively, year to year. But there has been one that I’m thankful to say has become a tradition for Karl & I, going on it’s 5th year. Props to him for helping keep it alive when I’ve felt indifferent about competing in it. We’ve never finished in the money, but we (almost) always have a great time. It’s time for the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club’s LA-1 Slamboree!

In honor of the tournament, and our love for it, here’s a brief back track from years past…


Not only was 2013 our first year competing in this tourney, it was our first tournament, period. It was actually only Karl’s second time fishing from a kayak. It was a gloomy day with off-and-on rain. We fished near Fourchon and I recall Karl hooked a flounder early on a Bugg jig, but lost it at the boat. I caught a few small trout, an 18″ redfish, and hooked a nice red that broke my line.


Our first tournament experience. Everyone back at (then) Bobby Lynn’s for weigh-in.

2014 – We didn’t compete. River had JUST been born about a month before.


My least favorite year so far. We launched at a well-known roadside put-in. Winds were howling and the day had a mix of sun and clouds. We searched the area for a while but ultimately got tired of fighting the wind, and headed back to the Marina early for a shower and a snack before weigh-in.

On the Up-side; I do believe this is when Karl won a Duce Rod as a door prize, and I may have won a Buggs Package. It did not go wasted.

Bored and fishless, we took out and played with crabs.


Crab’s perspective.


We ran late and pulled up at Topwater Marina right at 6am. That fact, combined with me not being fully interested in the event, led us to decide to launch right there at Topwater and head east. Through the series of pipeline canals and blow-outs, we managed to find a few fish. I actually had caught a slam, but all fish were undersized. There was also a pretty serious rainbow at one point as well.


I’m always watching the sky for funnel clouds.
The mythical was caught that day, but he was a potato chip.
Photo taken by: Karl Perkins


The best yet. We fished near Fourchon for the first time since the first year. bait were everywhere and so were the reds. I think I may have even had a small trout, though I can’t remember quite that well. Right before heading to weigh-in, on a “final” cast with a Skitterwalk, I landed a 36-37″ bull red. Though I couldn’t weigh it, it made the day for me.


So, at this point, you can tell that we’re ready for Saturday. We pretty much know what we’ll do and are just hoping it’ll work in our favor.

Fishing a tournament is great fun, even if you’re not very competitive. Not only could you potentially win some money, you can also get some pretty awesome door prizes. Please register and come join us on the water!

Video: Fishing Report from June 22

I, unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to make it down to the marsh since the end of June. For what it’s worth, here’s the video to tag along with that trip…

Kayaking with Riv – Pt 2

I’ve already posted the video on facebook and made several posts about how I’ve been enjoying fishing with my little boy. I finished up this video last week and while working on it I realized that it would be my favorite video I’ve made. If you’re interested but hadn’t seen it yet, here it is.

Kayaking with Riv

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. Here’s how River and I enjoyed ourselves…

We were getting nibbles from bream while using red Powerbait worms, but got ran off the water when I heard thunder and saw rain coming on the radar. Still, I love having him out with me. Now, if only the bass boats would slow down when they see us (truthfully, we only had one that blew past us while we were clearly visible).

Beyond the Horizon | F3T 2018

Here’s one of my favorite films from this years Fly Fishing Film Tour and a brief description of the film. It’s 25 minutes long but if you enjoy fishing and excellent story-telling, you ought to watch this…

From Simms Website:

“Beyond the Horizon” tells the story of Rankin Jackson’s struggle to provide for his family while trying to survive the push of the drug trade and ultimately how fly fishing revealed his road to redemption. Guanaja, Honduras is blessed with a valuable permit fishery and while islanders previously ate them, a catch and release ethic has organically blossomed from the presence of a small fly lodge: Fly Fish Guanaja. As a result of fly fishing, new opportunities and sources of income are developing each day for the small community of islanders. 

Guanaja, Honduras and the surrounding Caribbean is decorated with glorious and devastating war stories dating before pirate days through the current drug empire.  Man’s Caribbean treasure has gone from gold to cocaine to the mighty permit. 10 years ago Ranken found himself with the opportunity to work at Fly Fish Guanaja, sleeping in a hammock as a guard. He rapidly developed as a fly guide and today is regarded as one of the greatest fly guides in all of Honduras.

“In that part of the world there’s so much turmoil, so much more than I’ve ever experienced.” said Filmmaker Shannon Vandivier. “The person Rankin is today is a product of that struggle. The empathy and compassion he has are also products of that. Just to hear his story unfold, and to hear his aspirations of going to and exploring this remote area was incredibly inspiring.”