Last PAC Attack Pre-fish

Headed out again today. It was our last chance to pre-fish for PAC Attack. We fished at two different spots today; starting in the morning further exploring the area we’ve been fishing, then moving to a new area around 10:30 or so. I also brought along the DSLR today.

At the first spot, I had two hook-ups with one cast between them. Neither resulted in a caught fish. I did eventually land one a little later when I saw a tail up against the grass.

We moved to the next area, where Andrew picked up one, and two more for me (+ one more miss). The wind was starting to pick up and the thunder heads were building from the east so we called it a day. Glad we did, that storm was violent!

As I mentioned before, I brought along the DSLR and got some shots today:DSC_2289-1 DSC_2290-2 DSC_2292-3 DSC_2294-5 DSC_2299-6 DSC_2300-7

And the fish:49FF8C09-482A-48EF-9921-6D90E5908373-8298-00000B07782A0DBB_zps8e866498-1 F773BE73-9A9F-4313-AF1E-887168DD773F-8298-00000B0781DB3F40_zpsc7e21cdf-2 B5090D55-10CE-4212-925D-C5AE7071BE4D-8298-00000B0789F957B6_zpsf371f680-3 6809CB9B-2F45-4628-9C41-073846E93293-8298-00000B07D04ACAEA_zps07928f06-4

None of the fish were very big. We saw a few mid-upper slot fish but couldn’t get them to bite. Hopefully that’s different come next weekend. Also, all fish were tagged and released.


Video: Labor Day Kayak Fishing

Labor Day Weekend 2013

Every year, Morgan City hosts the Shrimp & Petroleum Festival on Labor Day Weekend. While many people were downtown taking in the festivities, I was back in my kayak.

With Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club‘s PAC Attack tourney coming up, we wanted to make an early trip on Saturday to scout out a new location. We were planning to launch from one of the marinas in Pointe Aux Chenes, but none of us thought to bring enough cash, so we ended up making a roadside launch. We were fishing by 7:30. And within the first half hour out, I had the first bite of the day. He was a small guy, just over 16″. Within the next half hour, Andrew had hooked up too.



At some point after that, Andrew decided to break off from us and fish an area to our east. Karl and I continued to work around a large section of marsh. Andrew called us to tell he found a cove full of tailing reds and to get over there. By the time we did though, the school had mostly moved on. Andrew had caught another one or two. Karl hooked up with a straggler.

Finding clear water was a challenge. The water wasn’t like chocolate milk, but it wasn’t clean and we were never able to find cleaner water while out. Every so often, we’d see reds cruising near the surface but they weren’t interested in eating. The water seemed a little high too. Most of my casts were right up against the flooded banks.

871B64EE-853A-43D8-B42F-7A33F164EB13-6189-0000087525CF39D0_zps33b1997f 134A2992-FD55-4F68-BEFD-E5691045C10A-6189-000008755257567E_zps6483048b 95F511CF-0D55-4D9D-93F4-47D185B3A5E0-6189-0000087549B128E7_zpsa69c6fa6


Karl picked up a few more here and there. I landed an undersized guy (15.5″) which was tagged and released. In the process of measuring and tagging him, my paddles fell out of my boat. I had to use my bump board as a paddle to get me close enough to them to grab them. Thankfully the current/wind factor was not bad.

2045313e-d727-4e6f-bd78-68995ded840d_zps745e5b4091076581-83CC-475C-ACD7-F4877347B409-6189-00000875647F8042_zps9d9c6030 327C7418-148A-40BD-AF96-9CE1A0F3C414-6189-00000875303A61B0_zps90fde425

We picked up a few more, as well as had a few misses before we called it a day around 11; I had to get back home. Karl limited out, and Andrew and I kept 3 each. Most of the fish were around 16″-18.5″ with only a couple over 20″.

We decided to continue scouting on Monday, Labor Day. We got out a little bit earlier than on Saturday. Conditions were pretty much the same; dirty & kinda high water. There was a little bit more wind from the west though. We fished an area further down the road than on Saturday, looking for larger fish.

Again, within the first 30 mins, I had a 16.5″ red in the boat. Andrew and I both decided that with quite a few fish already in the fridge, we would be releasing any fish caught today (exception to trout, flounder, or sheep). So back in the water he went. Unfortunately, the rest of the day was very slow. Andrew eventually picked up a 18″, which was also released.  Karl broke away from us and fished the same area we were at before. I started to target the sheepshead that I was seeing, which will continue to be a bigger learning experience for me. They seem to be much more picky.

The only other action I saw for the rest of the day came from what I thought may have been a trout. I got a few light taps on my lure and as I went to set the hook, the fish flew out the water, came unhooked and almost hit my boat. I planned to go back and watch the video to see if that’s what it was, but the camera angle was bad and I’m blocking the action.

150BBBFC-9DCE-4307-8B43-DED3671BD0A3-6189-00000874EFCADE6B_zps4284e41d 2165CC09-1A2B-457B-883C-7C919118BE90-6189-0000087579E01F4A_zpsade6e98a

GoPro batteries held up this time and I will have a video up soon from the day.


Two Days, One Fish

So earlier in the week I headed down to the marsh. Mark, who has joined Andrew & I before, had still yet to catch a red, so I figure he and I could try to change that.

We got down to the launch around 8am on Tuesday & got stuck talking to some guys that were crabbing down there. We didn’t get on the water until around 8:30 and high-tailed it to an area I had been before that offered decent sightfishing. When we got there, we started seeing reds everywhere but they were not digging my offer. I finally got one interested enough, but no sooner had the fight started it was over. Bad hook-set maybe? I’m not sure. Anyway, we called it a day by lunchtime and headed home. Mark’s interest lasted about 2 hours into the trip and he spent the rest of his time paddling around while I fished. photo-6photo-3

The next day I headed back out to the same area. It was pretty much the same story. Winds were out of the NE and varied between 5-10. Watched plenty of fish, but they weren’t interested. I worked a large area for quite a while trying to get one to bite, changing up lures and trying everything I had but with no luck.

Finally saw one a few feet to my left swimming in the opposite direction. The first cast that I made was off. By the time I was ready to cast again, he was I few feet behind me but the cast was right on. He chased it down and put up a good little fight. He measured in at 24.75″.photo-5 8519A770-9C0B-4CB9-BF03-48398AAE7A0A-5140-000006901189D4FC_zps18e9b9e8Last month I joined the tagging program by the CCA. I had still yet to tag a fish and had planned to tag any fish that were caught that day. So this guy was my first tagged fish.

After that, I hung around that area just a little while longer before moving on. All morning I had seen quite a few reds & schools of mullet all over the area. But after moving on, I started seeing drum & sheepshead everywhere. I gotta figure them sheepshead out!


I continued on in search of any more reds. Sight-casted to several more but it was mid-day by then and they just cruised on.

On another note, I’ve realized that even with the battery backpack, GoPro’s battery life is horrible, so I’ll soon need to invest in back-up batteries for it.

Here is a cool article I found that shows some of the info that the tagging program provides:

My solo fish in this post was caught on an H&H Secret Redfish Gold Spoon.

New Post Coming Soon

Until then, here are a few pics from the most recent trips:photo-6photo-3 photo-4