Red October

If you remember, my friend, Trey, who lives in Dallas came to visit back in July. Andrew and I took him fishing and because of the weather near the Terrebonne marshes, we headed to Cypremort Point. He caught two reds that trip and Andrew caught a flounder. All I caught was the worst sunburn of my life.

Well, Trey and his family came back down to visit friends and family for his daughter’s birthday. Andrew, Karl and I were looking at going down LA-1, but decided to stay closer to make it back to visit with them and we invited Trey to come along.556C355E-085F-47FE-AB8F-1DC3F02BD52A-918-000000B9A792A608_zps1b39a223

We were out on the water early to some chilly temps and moderate wind from the NE, not too bad but enough to be a factor. We soon split up. Karl was using my wife’s Cruise 12, and Trey & Andrew were in the Big Tuna.

I started off trying to work a topwater around a few points and cuts but without any signs of fish. After the sun was up the fish started becoming a bit more active. My first hookup came near a pipeline canal. I was blind-casting into a small cove and felt that tug on the line. I knew it was a red by how quickly my line shot through the water. He put up a nice little fight and came in around 24.25″. I also picked up a 12″ rat red around the same area on a Vudu Shrimp under a cork.82EED43B-CB89-4EA7-983D-C1D52B293041-918-000000B9B845ABCF_zps1e4aef8d 2BE0C465-03A5-47AC-A74F-186ECA2B77E3-918-000000B9C44CE525_zpsd6ce1147

I started heading more southward than I had been before, looking for new areas. Every turn that I’d make I could see wakes on the water and blowups right along the grass line. When I’d locate the fish working the grass, I’d watch him and wait for him to turn to the open water before sight-casting. If I’d try to make the cast while he’s up along the grass, I’d probably spook him.

My next hook-up came by applying that logic. I’d had been stalking the fish for about a minute and he started heading across the cove I was in. I made a great cast for him to intersect and he attacked my lure, but somehow managed to spit the hook. He didn’t run away immediately so I tried to feed him again but he wasn’t having it. I traveled on to more new water.

After spooking another, I noticed one swimming right toward my boat. All I could see of him was his spine through the murky cloud left by the previous red. He bit the Vudu Shrimp (without cork) and took off. The last time I hooked a big red on a Vudu Shrimp was during the LA-1 Slamboree and he ended up taking my lure. I’ve heard that Egret Baits upgraded the hooks in the newer shrimps so this would be the test. After a nice fight, he was netted, and came in at 25.5″. Trey & I had been texting and he let me know that they had landed 6 between the both of them. I soon picked up another one using my “grassline theory” that measured at 17.5″.3FE7156B-3093-496B-BE39-3E855F2F1D52-918-000000B9CE47484E_zpsda2d2220 ACB7DD~1

There are a couple of reds that I found a little bit comical. As I was drifting I noticed one swimming near the boat. Had I’d tried to stop or grab my rod he would’ve probably spooked so I just watched him as I drifted. If he saw me, I didn’t scare him. He started curiously following my tow flag hanging off the back of the boat. I figured he’d be an easy grab so I went ahead and made a cast. He had lost interest in the flag but the lure caught his attention but he immediately swam away. I had a few more fish who looked to be about ready to take the lure and then took off, so I changed colors. I had been throwing purple/chart. and moved to avocado.

The other comical story: I was fishing a small ditch between a small bayou and a pond. There was a fish swimming right for me so I made a cast and lost sight of him. When I did see him, he was under my kayak. A few seconds behind him was a bigger guy so I flipped to him and he attacked the bait but let it go, he then turned back toward me and, without casting, I just placed the lure in the water and moved it in front of him (about 3 ft away) and he nailed it. I just lifted him out of the water.BFA6EBF3-B97B-4531-B72E-572C13EA3AD4-918-000000B9DF6886B4_zps9879aa30

I ended up limiting out and called Trey and Karl to check on them. Trey and Andrew hadn’t landed anymore since talking to them earlier. Andrew had a 24″ (approx.) on the line but couldn’t get him to the boat. Karl landed 4 and ended up keeping 2. I can be pretty competitive when fishing with friends so knowing I was the only one with a limit was nice, and I had caught the biggest fish. Then, what became the story of the day happened.

E8FB1159-D70A-443B-B0D2-2DE10CC470F8-918-000000BA0584EE86_zpse2a31d48 photo-9

It ended up being a personal best for Trey. Unfortunately, we did not get a measurement or weight on it.

So with Fall fishing in full swing, we’ll be looking to make another trip down soon!626AE020-1B11-4A65-833B-3430CC05943B-918-000000BA0D918C43_zpsaa72356c


Kayak Anglers Choice Awards

Since 2011, & Kayak Fishing Radio have organized the only kayak fishing specific awards. Last year was my first time taking part in the voting of the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards. There were many well-known kayak anglers who made it into several different categories. My favorite video from last year, Flying Fish by Drew Gregory, won best “Kayak Fishing Video of the Year” last year.

Voting has changed a bit this year. For three weeks we will be voting in rounds. Round 1 opened on Sunday, and is the top 30 nominees. I was quite surprised when I noticed this blog was included in the top 30 nominees for “Kayak Fishing Blog of the Year”. From what I can tell, voting for round 1 will close Saturday.

Whether I make round 2 or not, it is an honor to have something that I’m doing counted in something like this. Thank you to those who nominated me.

Information on voting is below.


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Voting for the KACA are now OPEN!


Votes for the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards will be taken for 3 weeks. Week 1 top 30 nominees, week 2 top 15 nomineees, week 3 top 5 nominees, week 4 winners announced. KACA polls will only be active during the voting and nominations phases.

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Single Fish Days

The month of October in the marsh is the time of year that many of us look forward to the most. Reds & Trout in the marsh and cooler weather, the thought of it puts a smile on my face. So far, October has been pretty uneventful for me. We’ve had a few cold fronts move through but it seems that they prefer the weekends to show up. And the weekends in between, when the weather is nice, we’re busy. This time of year shouldn’t be this busy!

A couple weeks ago, I took a mid-week trip with some friends. A front had passed through a couple days before and we were looking forward to seeing how the fish were reacting in Pointe Aux Chenes. We found dirty water, very dirty in some ponds.02FCA6F3-6DB8-4342-BCC9-07982349F894-3509-000006A5AF776B57_zpsb88cbd89 2C518B30-DE49-49D8-A700-3A6F8E8B0B08-3509-000006A5DC969747_zps7a4944d9

As I was entering a section of marsh, I noticed about three redfish cruising away from me. I cast approximately in front of them and before I started reeling, was hooked up. He was a small guy, at 19″. He was caught using a weedless inline spinner bait by Seein Spots Lures.1C0A7D27-BB89-4EA0-9178-D1D8D98156DA-3509-000006A5EAB8E1DE_zps539d9fb1 C7562619-9C5E-4658-8B17-64AFCBBC3A7D-3509-000006A5F43E5836_zpsccff40cb

I had a couple more bites, but didn’t land them. I learned that while my friends had a couple of hook-ups, they also lost them at the boat. And while I noticed a lot of fish, they were very spooky.


Last Saturday the weather was looking promising. Andrew and I were planning to head down to Cocodrie and fish some new areas, but he had a wedding to attend in New Orleans later that day and wanted to hang out closer. We headed to Cypremort Point instead. Reports had been good throughout the week and it looked like the trout were moving in. We got out there around 9am and saw many kayaks out on the water. We decided to head to Shark Bayou to look for reds.

The water was very nice, and pretty salty. But no sign of redfish anywhere. We talked to several guys out there who were having similar luck. We ended up leaving early to get back home.


This weekend was another busy weekend. I was photo-shooting a wedding on Saturday so fishing was a no-go. Sundays are always busy, but we got away in the afternoon and headed toward Cocodrie. I brought along the fly rod, but 10-15mph winds had me throwing spinning gear.

Though the water was murky, there were fish everywhere we looked in the shallow ponds. Andrew actually hooked up on the fly to a small red, who ended up breaking his line. If I had given up on trying to fight the wind with the fly earlier, I would’ve probably caught more fish. 0A91C305-0F99-4724-B9AA-EFDC71350A20-393-000000B8DDD07C7D_zpseea85b7e 0CCAD06A-F2C1-4DE0-81AC-7F033E1F71B2-393-000000B8D2874020_zpsb35f9404

It was getting dark and I was paddling further from the launch. I found a cut off of a main canal where the water was moving out. I pulled in a 13″ trout there and called it a day. And enjoyed the sunset as I headed in.3306C033-9FE1-4212-8F41-6E87FF054F76-393-000000B8EAF8C593_zpsb516b5b4 85813C2F-42E7-4A59-9650-0CEF7CD809AB-393-000000B8F4F88AEA_zpsa2137477 A73C12E8-6726-4B27-9500-B7D3D98716B0-393-000000B90A9881EC_zpsd58a690f

Fishing primarily with artificial lures can be tough on some days. I have a buddy who limited out several times this weekend in a different area using dead shrimp as bait, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I get more satisfaction feeling a fish slam an artificial and knowing that I fooled it. And more is learned on the tough days than on the days that you’re constantly pulling them in.3306C033-9FE1-4212-8F41-6E87FF054F76-393-000000B8EAF8C593_zpsb516b5b4

Check out Seein Spots Lures on Facebook!

Here’s a few clips that I had left over from some trips up to a few months ago. Mostly all reds in the vid, and a random bluegill.

The Closing Window

Pointe Aux Chenes has been one of our “go-to” spots this summer. It seems that as the water heats up, so does the redfish action. The Island Rd. WMA has been one of our favorite areas to fish in PAC, due to the large submerged grass beds that have appeared this summer. They clean the water up and make it pretty easy to sight fish.

After PAC Attack, I decided to make another trip later the next week. Not long after launching and searching along the edge of one of the beds, I saw a small school of reds approaching. There were maybe 5 fish. It took several casts but I was able to land photo-4This was also my first time using the Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 that we bought as my wife’s kayak. She had only used it once so far and it had been loaned out to other friends when they joined Andrew and I. I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the boat.

The wind picked up and after missing one other fish that chased the lure to my boat, I decided to pack it


Fast forward to this week, as I headed back to the same area to see if the bite was still on. In just a week’s time, many of the grass beds have started to disappear. I traveled northward to try to get to some of the skinnier areas. I did see quite a few fish, but only moments before they saw me. The water was a bit murkier than before.

The last area that I headed to was the edge of a small grass mat and there were a few tails cruising nearby. One nice red was swimming closer and closer toward me but wanted nothing to do with the spoon I was offering. With one last desperation cast, the lure landed right on his head and he spooked off. Not long after I called it a day.

So, though the window may be closing on one of our favorite spots this summer, on the bright side, Fall is