Jackson Kayak Cuda HD Promo

Here’s the follow-up post to my last post back in early December (sorry it’s been that long). Here is one of the videos JK Media House has released with footage from their time visiting in Louisiana. We had a great time out in the marsh and I enjoyed getting to show the guys some of our stomping grounds.

I’ll try to have more posts up soon. I haven’t been fishing very much lately, but that will hopefully be changing.

Jackson Kayak in Louisiana

A few months ago I got word that Jameson Redding and Brooks Beatty, Jackson Kayak Factory Team Members and the main guys behind JK Media House, where gonna be headed down to Louisiana. If you haven’t seen their videos, definitely check them out! They were going to be coming down to film the new Cuda HDs in the marsh and catching redfish out of them. Pack & Paddle offered to host them and they opened up the invitation to other team members. They would start their week in Louisiana in Grand Isle, fishing with fellow JK team member, Ben Roussel. Ben just posted his report on those first couple of days on his blog here.

When I arrived on Tuesday, Jameson let me know that he and Brooks would be taking care of work duties most of the day, but that the other JK team guys were ready to fish. I met up with Bart Swab, Drew Ross, and Gene Jenson.

Bart is a kayak fishing guide down in St. Augustine, FL. He runs Action Kayak Adventures. Drew is from South Arkansas and is no stranger to South Louisiana. He primarily fishes with a fly rod and out-fished most of us this trip. I’ve been following his blog for a few years now. You can read his reports here. Lastly, Gene is a bass angler and a newer member of the Jackson Kayak team. He’s from Georgia and you may have seen a video or two of his (I posted one here recently). He has a rather large YouTube following. His channel is called Flukemaster. Back to the report…

The guys were staying at PAC Kayak Rentals. Eddie and Lisa have a great thing going on down there and probably the nicest kayak launches in Louisiana. It didn’t take us long to get started that Tuesday.

Because Jameson and Brooks were staying behind, we treated the first day in PAC as a scouting day. After talking to Eddie about where the fish had been, we set off. We headed to my favorite section of marsh, one of the cleanest areas offering great opportunities for tailing fish. Drew was the first to hook up after prowling a red through a few ponds, and then I followed up quickly after.



It also wasn’t long before Bart got his first, sight-casted on a grass flat.


Gene, being a bass expert, hadn’t ever caught a redfish. But these guys know how to fish and it didn’t take very long before he was hooked up as well…


We continued on throughout the marsh that morning catching and releasing a lot of redfish. I believe everyone averaged around 10-15 fish each on day one.

We all stayed on Eddie and Lisa’s houseboat that night and made our way to the water by around 8am the next morning. It was time to film.

After getting a few launching shots, we made our way back to the previous day’s location. The fishing was tougher for the majority of us but we did catch. Drew, however, caught more fish on day two than the previous day.




John Williams (Pack & Paddle) met up with us about half-way through the day and we continued to fish. The most frustrating moment of the day came when I hooked into what may have been the nicest fish from PAC during the trip. It was a hard-fought fight in the submerged grass. As I was lifting the fish out of the water (opting to not use my net), the fish managed to shake free from the hook. Even more frustrating was that Jameson filmed the whole thing. I was really hoping to have a nice fish to add to the project. Oh well…




As the day drew to a close, we started the paddle back. I don’t get the opportunity to watch the sunset from my kayak very often. It’s always a special experience, especially when the air is cool and bugs aren’t that big of a factor.

The sun had pretty much disappeared when John noticed a school of trout busting bait. He and I sat another ten minutes and caught a few undersized and barely-legal specks.


On day three we shifted gears to Cocodrie. We originally planned to fish an area I’m not super-familiar with, but ended up switching it up and fishing an area I’m very familiar with. After shooting some promotional stuff for the Cuda HD, we were off. This time Scott Bienvenu (from Pack & Paddle) was joining us as well as another Jackson teammate (from Texas), Dave Roberts.


Bart and I stuck together most of the first couple of hours. We fished a very small cove of marsh, but the reds were there. John had already caught a few by the time we’d gotten there and he told us to start fishing while he scoped out another area. What we found were low water levels, but when we’d see fish, their backs were completely out of the water. Bart caught quite a few that morning, I caught a few less but did manage to catch a nice upper slot in the process.





The action slowed down a bit midday and left us scratching our heads. I did manage to land one more right before heading back in. We finished to day off at Sportsman’s Paradise in Cocodrie.

The guys did fish one more day in PAC before a big cold front came through and shut-down the remainder of the trip. You can read about that last day on Drew’s blog.

It was great to finally meet and fish with all of the guys that came down and I really hope to do it again soon. I also can’t wait to see what the guys come up with for the final video. Be on the look out for it!

All Hallow’s Eve

After Trey and I’s bass fishing trip, it wasn’t until Halloween that I made another trip out. This time it would be to the marsh to hunt for reds for an upcoming tournament later in the week. The tournament, which was Redbone’s Festivus Tournament in Cocodrie, can be summed up like this… I lost track of time and was still fishing during the weigh-in. Oh well. But the fishing on Halloween was pretty fun!

I launched from Coco Marina. The marsh there is broken up into sections by canals and bayous. I immediately went to canals where I knew there were oyster beds, or marsh ponds where I’d regularly see fish. There were birds diving over many of the canals so I started there. Throwing a Vortex Shad, I started out picking up some trout.


I soon made my way to the ponds but wasn’t seeing many reds. I headed to the same pond where I’d told Karl to go two weeks earlier, and that’s where I caught the first slot red for the day.



After weaving my way through a few linked ponds, I made my way into a small narrow canal. I had picked up some fish here last year and figured it was worth a shot. I was still casting the Vortex Shad and picking up a few small trout and rat reds at the mouth. As I progressed down the canal, I started getting a few hits but no hook ups. A little ways further down, I started seeing some nervous water. I casted a wake bait over that way and got a few rat reds to hit it. I figured if there were still fish there, I’d keep tossing that thing, even if they were small. Third consecutive cast got a blow-up and as I set the hook, I could tell it wasn’t a little guy.



Not a “mack daddy” bull red, but still a small bull.

Soon, I was back in the main bayou and heading back to the marina. I decided to stop one last time under some birds and picked up a few more trout.



After the tournament, the next trip down to the marsh would be to fish, hang out, and help film with the guys from Jackson Kayak and JK Media House for three days! That report to come soon.

Flukemaster Catches His First Redfish

Gene Jenson is no stranger to fishing. He produces one of the most popular instructional fishing YouTube channels with around 174,000 subscribers. During the JK Media House shoot last week, I got to witness Gene catch his first redfish while sight-fishing in the marsh. There will be more from this trip from myself and other members, as well as the actual videos that JK Media House produces… but this is Flukemaster’s video of his first redfish. Enjoy!

Afternoon Bassin’ in the Basin

Back in October, after returning from the Dealer Summit up in Tennessee, I was pretty interested in catching bass. Trey and I decided to try our luck at an area he’d been eyeing for a while one Sunday afternoon. This was a new area for us and we were at first unsure about where we were launching. It seemed kinda sketchy at first, and also potentially private property. But after talking to a few locals, they assured us the area was fine to fish. Trey was paddling his Jackson Big Tuna (solo), and I was trying out the new Cuda HD, also by Jackson.


We hadn’t been on the water long before Trey landed the first fish of the afternoon. Caught on a crankbait, I paddled closer for a picture as he landed a fairly good-sized choupique, aka bowfin or grindle.



Not what we were after but a fun fight nonetheless.


The water was extremely low and we were confined to a pipeline canal, so we mainly just “beat-the-banks”, the shallow banks, of the canal. Trey was alternating between a crankbait and a buzzbait. I was committed to throwing a whopper-plopper.


I landed some fish too… some small fish… but they were the target species.



We eventually ended up in a small cove right off of the canal. I landed another small bass, and hooked up on a long-nose gar that probably measured around 30″. Trey landed the largest bass of the day and spooked some big 20 lb carp that jumped out the water and almost hit him in the head.



After that, we started the paddle back and caught a few more small bass. It was nice to also catch a sunset on the water, something I don’t normally get to do. The mosquitos weren’t as nice.

In the coming weeks, I would return to the marsh several times. Once for a tournament, and a few more times with some of my Jackson Kayak teammates for a JK Media House shoot. More on those to come!