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Secrets of a Tournament Kayak Fisherman

Every year, Pack & Paddle hosts a very popular seminar. Steve Lessard (current Hobie World’s Champion, among other credentials) and Brendan Bayard (Former IFA Champion, BCKFC Angler of the Year, among other credentials) come in to share tips, tricks, strategies, and stories that help… Continue Reading “Secrets of a Tournament Kayak Fisherman”

Rigging Video: Cruise 12

Here is part 2 to the kayak rigging topic. This is on my wife’s boat (my secondary boat) the Cruise 12. Fishing reports to come soon. Busy life lately.

Rig Rundown Update

I decided to do an update to the rigging page here on the blog. The last time I posted anything on my Cuda’s rigging, it was while I was still using my old 2012 Cuda. So here’s the new info, but now in video… Continue Reading “Rig Rundown Update”

Hello Cuda

If you’ve noticed in my photos and videos, I haven’t been using my 2012 Yellow Jacket Jackson Cuda anymore. Reason being I sold it back in June. I had the intention to sell it and get an updated version in it’s place. After lots… Continue Reading “Hello Cuda”

Rig Rundown

Seems many people post either an article or video on how they’ve rigged their kayak. My turn for anyone who may be interested. The Kayak: My primary kayak is a 2012 Cuda 14 by Jackson Kayak. I bought it before the Cuda 12 was… Continue Reading “Rig Rundown”